Solomon’s story

Solomon (12 years old) – was born in a village near Derara. There he attended first grade. His family situation is very complicated and we do not know the facts. However he didn’t have any contact with his parents for a very long time. His aunt took care of him when he was a young child. Due to the difficult financial situation of the family, they moved to Awassa four years ago. During this time Solomon learned to gut fish to earn a few coins. Besides working at the fish market, he begged for money and got used to his life on the street. 

His aunt is working at the fish market by bringing clean water to wash the fish he guts. Solomon sometimes slept at their tiny apartment, but because it is so far away from the places he usually spent his time, he usually slept on the street with his friends. He spent his mornings at the fish market and his afternoons begging, until he started coming to our day program and finally, was accepted as a full-time ward of our center. He lived there for a year and then returned to his aunt home. Now the financial situation became better. His aunt continues her work at the fish market. Then she got also all the necessary materials to make injera (the traditional bread) and she makes an extra income. Her husband is also working now. 

Solomon dreams of becoming a doctor in the future. He is studying so that he can fulfill this and all his other hopes and dreams.