Mission reports

Sample report:
Awassa w Etiopii

Do you want to be up to date?

The amount of information on the Internet can be overwhelming at times.

We have a better alternative!

Magdalena Soboka, who works in Ethiopia for the foundation, will report on the foundation's activities and her mission in the form of letters every three months. She will write about her experiences, hardships and successes, she will describe the stories of the children we are trying to help, as well as everything else that surrounds her: various events, situations and Ethiopian culture. You can get unpublished content anywhere, with photos and in a nice graphic design in your mailbox, but NOT the e-mail, but the traditional one. After all, you can get something other than just bills and official letters.

How to start?

It is enough for you to declare your willingness to receive reports. Send an e-mail to: fundacjabarkot@gmail.com with "Reports" in the title and your mailing address. It will only be used for sending reports.

However, if you prefer to receive reports by e-mail, write us about it. Then, however, we will ask you not to publish them anywhere (reports are only available to a specific group of supportive readers!).

After receiving the first letter, try to transfer your donation to our account on a regular basis:

There is no specific amount! It is your goodwill as much as you want to tell us. You don't sign any contract. However, to keep receiving reports, we encourage regularity. We suggest paying monthly, or every 3 months (you pay when you receive the letter).

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