Volunteers wanted!

Barkot Children of Ethiopia Foundation is looking for volunteers. As you probably already know, we help street children in Ethiopia. If you are not indifferent to their fate, if you are moved by social injustice, if, like us, you think that everyone in life should have a chance to live in dignity, join us! First of all, we are looking for people who are open, good-hearted, young (in age, but also those young only in spirit) and who believe that helping makes sense.

How can you help?

If you want to go to Ethiopia, see our work with your own eyes and work with children yourself, we will give you such an opportunity (only adults).

We are happy to invite you also to our fundraising team to work for the financial sustainability of the organization 

Recruitment is ongoing!

Write us an e-mail at fundacjabarkot@gmail.com presenting who you are, what you do, what kind of volunteering you are interested in (in Ethiopia or fundraising in your country) and what motivates you. Also enter your phone number and we will contact you.