Tarekegn’s story

Terekegn is 10 years old and comes from the suburbs of Awassy. His parents still live there. He has as many as eight siblings. His father works as a security guard, one of the worst-paid jobs. His salary was not sufficient for the basic needs of the family. His mom doesn’t work. Tarekegn should have gone to the first year of elementary school, but he ended up on the street instead. He goes to the fish market to gut fish for little money and begs from passers-by. As a rule, she also sleeps on the street with other boys. His family relationship is not the best. His father blames him for his bad behavior and the way he lives. The boy, living in the street, got intoxicated with gasoline fumes (children do it so as not to feel cold and hungry).

If you want to constantly support the boy, read about the action “Adoption from the street“. Select the name “Tarekegn” when filling out the form.