Tamru’s story

Tamru is 10 years old. He comes from a village near Awassa where his family still lives. He was a first-grade student. He could continue school, but he was attracted to the city’s attractiveness. His father worked for a while in Awassa at the fish market. Sometimes he took the boy with him, where he could see other street children. He saw that they received money from people, he began to establish relationships with them and he began to do what they did. His father stopped working at the fish market and Tamru still wanted to be there, so he did it on his own. He has moved to his grandfather, who lives on the outskirts of Awassa, who does not have the necessary means to live and send the boy to school. So Tamru spends all day around the fish market. While visiting his family, we clearly saw that the boy kept his distance from his parents. They also did not greet him with open arms. His father insisted that Tamru had moved to Awassa without their permission. We don’t know exactly what Tamru’s relationship with his family was like before, or what was the real reason the boy abandoned his home. We pray for him, work with him and try to carefully investigate his situation in order to help him in the most adequate way in the near future.

If you want to constantly support the boy, follow his successes, receive up-to-date photos or even exchange correspondence with him, read about the “Adoption from the street” campaign. Please select “Tamru” when completing the form.