Nahom’s story

Nahom is 11 years old and grade 4 student. Until recently, Nahom lived with his mother and stepfather. He doesn’t know his father. His conflict with his stepfather (who never accepted him) started the moment his mother got married. We were told that the boy was unruly. According to Nahom’s stepfather, the last straw was when Nahom took his phone without his knowledge or consent. The boy’s parents abandoned him when they moved to Addis Ababa. He ended up at the police station, where he spent a week waiting for a place to stay.

We decided to take him in. Nahom misses his mother very much, and he remains in touch with her by phone. His mother would like him to come back home, but his stepfather stubbornly refuses to agree to it. We’ll see what the future holds. For now, Nahom will be living in the center.

If you would like to support Nahom permanently, follow his development, receive up-to-date photos, or even correspond with him, read more about theDistance Adoption campaign and select the name “Nahom” when completing the form.