Habtamu’s story

Habtamu (13 yo) is from the Borana region, but moved to Awassa with his mother and siblings after his parents divorced when he was 4 years old. It was always hard for them. However, since his mother broke her arm and was unable to work, the situation became dire. His mother did not have the money to see a doctor, so her hand has mated badly and still prevents her normal existence. She started begging and now lives on that too. She lives in a rented tiny apartment with her small child. The boy’s father still works in the countryside, but does not help the children in any way. Habtamu graduated from the fourth grade thanks to the support of an organization. Unfortunately, this organization stopped supporting him and has not continued his studies for some time. Habtamu was the most faithful participant in the open classes at our center. He is extremely accurate and careful, whether in writing (unusually even letters) or during art classes. We are sure that Habtamu will continue his education after the school is opened, if we give him the opportunity.

If you want to constantly support the boy, follow his successes, receive up-to-date photos or even exchange correspondence with him, read about the “Adoption from the street” campaign. Select the name “Habtamu” when completing the form.