Erdachew’s story

Erdachew came with his friends from the village of Derara during the celebration of the New Year of the Sidama tribe called Chambalala. Later, the four of them stayed on the street where they spent two weeks. The local authorities directed them to our organization.

Erdachew’s father is a farmer, and his mother sells crops. His father additionally works as a wall painter. Erdachew has three brothers and one sister. Two older brothers live in Addis Ababa. The younger brother and sister still live with their parents. Due to his work, the father lived with Erdachew in Awassa for two years, therefore the city is familiar to the boy.  

Erdachew was a second-grade student of primary school when he dropped out. As he says, he came to Awassa because his parents did not meet his needs. The boy lived in the center for five months and then returned home. He started the school there and he is studying already for many months.