Desalegn’s story

Desalegn comes from a broken family. He lives with his mother and three siblings. The father left them and remarried. She shows no interest in children. Desalegn once started school, but dropped out due to the lack of a uniform, excercise books and any accessories. Instead, he started going into the street to find something to eat and support his family. His mother doesn’t have a permanent job – she usually washes clothes when the opportunity arises.
The family lives in a small rented room. It is very hard for them.

Maybe you want to support Desalegn so he can go to school and have a better future ahead of him?

If you would like to support Abayneh permanently, follow his development, receive up-to-date photos, or even correspond with him, read more about the “Distance Adoption” campaign and select the name “Desalegn” when completing the form.