Binyam’s story

Binyam (11 years) is from the village of Halaba, not far from Awassa. He has one older sister and one younger brother. Due to their dire situation, the entire family moved to Awassa 2 years ago in hopes of finding employment and stabilizing their finances. At the moment, Binyam’s mother works as a cowherd, earning less than €16 (approx. $19) a month. She and Binyam’s siblings live in a barn, with the cows. His alcoholic father’s whereabouts are unknown.

Binyam used to attend school (3rd grade), however, his mother’s meager salary wasn’t enough to support the family, so he was forced to start begging on the street. He stopped going to school and begging became his sole occupation. After a while, he began living with other destitute children, occasionally visiting his family, but sleeping on the streets. Every morning he went to the local fish market, where with a bit of luck he was able to earn a few coins gutting fish, spending the rest of the day begging for money with his friends.

Binyam lived in the Barkot center for almost a year. Then he went back home and we’re currently working to change his living conditions. The boy is already attending school for a year.

The conditions in which the boy’s family lives: