Binyam’s story

Binyam is from the village of Halaba near Awassa. He has one older sister and one younger brother. Due to the lack of sufficient resources, the whole family moved to Awassa about two years ago. They hoped it would be better that they would find a job and be able to support themselves. At the moment, Binyam’s mother looks after the cow for about PLN 70 a month. He lives with his daughter and son in the barn with the cows. Father, on the other hand, is drinking and wandering around the city. Binyam once went to school in the third grade of elementary school. However, his mother’s salary was insufficient to support them, so he began begging. Eventually he stopped going to school and started living on the street with other street children. He sometimes visited his family because they live nearby, but he slept on the street. Every morning he would go to the fish market where, with any luck, he would gut the fish for a little money. The rest of the day he wandered the streets with his friends asking passers-by for money. Later he ended up in our center. He and other boys are staying with us during the pandemic. We work with him so that he can go back to school and then support his education.

If you want to constantly support the boy, read about the action “Adoption from the street“. Please select the name “Binyam” when completing the form.

The conditions in which the boy’s family lives: