Atenafu’s story



Atenafu (6 years old) lives on the outskirts of Awassa with his mother and four other children (two of them are his siblings and the other two are their cousins) in a small rented apartment. The boy’s family situation is very difficult. Atenafu has no father, and his mother is not currently employed. Every morning she goes on the street to beg.

Atenafu also has to beg and is very often left on his own. The conditions at their home are very difficult. When he got a new T-shirt for Christmas, it looked like a dirty rag after just one day of wearing it.

As the boy does not have adequate care, we admitted him to the center and will try to help his mother find a permanent employment.

If you would like to support Atenafu permanently, follow his development, receive up-to-date photos, or even correspond with him, read more about the “Distance Adoption” campaign and select the name “Atenafu” when completing the form.