Adisu’s story


Adisu [l. 10] we met during open classes for street children. We met him on the street begging with other boys. Since we invited him to the center, he came quite regularly, so we included him in the Orientation Program. He lives on the outskirts of Awassa with his parents and two siblings. His parents look for part-time jobs, such as cleaning, for which they have little income to support the family. They live in an apartment whose owner lives in the city and allows it to be used for security purposes and in return for keeping it clean.

Adis’s older brother goes to school, which proves that parents care about educating their children. Unfortunately, they are not able to send all children to school.

Adisu, despite life’s difficulties, is usually a smiling good boy. Being in the center, he is obedient and wants to gain knowledge very much.

If you want to constantly support the boy, follow his successes, receive up-to-date photos, or even exchange correspondence with him, read about the “Adoption at a distance” campaign. When filling out the form, choose the name “Adisu“.