Abraham’s story

Abraham comes from the village of Derara. He was a fifth grade student. His mother sells corn. His father is a farmer and also sells wood. He has three siblings. Abraham knew Awassa from the Chamballali- New Year of the Sidama tribe, when he came here with his family. Now he came with his friends from the village and spent 2 weeks in the street. Later, through the local office, he found his way to our organization. This year he was a fifth grade student. Like all children, he stopped schooling when schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, as he landed on the street, it is not known whether he would return to it after the school was opened. Fortunately, he came to us, because we will help him survive this difficult time and provide him with continued education.


If you want to constantly support the boy, read about the action “Adoption from the street”. Please select “Abraham” when completing the form.