Abayneh’s story



Abayneh (10) is one of five children. Parents often go to the village where they have a plot of land to grow crops on, for which they have little income. It is possible that they also have part-time jobs, which they do not admit to. Parents seem to be problematic, especially the father – possibly he has a problem with drugs. Older children go to the streets not only to get something to eat for themselves, but also to support the family.

Abayneh, along with his younger brother, was one of the most systematic participants in the open activities at the center. He wants to learn and change his life. It has a lot of energy. Especially before and at the beginning of the orientation program, he could not sit still for long. He was also often aggressive, shouting and hitting his colleagues. At that moment he had calmed down a little. He uses his energy very well in football, which he loves.

If you want to constantly support the boy, follow his successes, receive up-to-date photos, or even exchange correspondence with him, read about the “Adoption at a distance” campaign. Please select the name “Abayneh” when completing the form.