Abayneh’s story

Abayneh (10 years old) is one of five children. His parents often go to the village where they have a plot of land to grow crops on, which is the family’s only source of income.

It is possible that they also work unofficially, however they do not admit it. The family’s situation is difficult, even more so considering that the father possibly has drug related issues. Older children take odd jobs or beg for money in order to support the family.

Abayneh, along with his younger brother, was one of the most active participants in the activities at the center. He wants to learn and change his life. He is very passionate and energetic. Prior to becoming a student at the organization and shortly after he enlisted into the program, he had issues with concentration and sitting still for long periods of time. His outbursts of uncontrolled energy used to result in shouting and fighting his colleagues. However, he has made a tremendous improvement since and managed to change his behavior. Currently, he uses his energy mostly on the football field, where he loves to play.

If you would like to support Abayneh permanently, follow his development, receive up-to-date photos, or even correspond with him, read more about the “Distance Adoption” campaign and select the name “Abayneh” when completing the form.