Mintesnot’s story

Mintesnot (7 years old) lives in a small rented apartment with his parents and two siblings. Mom is currently unable to work due to the care of her little baby. His father works on the so-called “day wages”, i.e. one day he manages to find a job, the next day he does not. Therefore, the family does not have a stable source of income and it is difficult for them to feed the whole family. Mintesnot attended school, the first grade of elementary school, but due to the lack of notebooks and school supplies, he dropped out. Because of the lack of food and any activity during the day, he began to wander around the neighborhood with his friends.

He entered the program and was very involved in open classes, therefore accepted into the indicative program. Later, the foundation enrolled him in school again and provided the necessary materials. He is now in the first grade of elementary school and his family are receiving monthly support.