Kasahun’s story



Kasahun (5 years old) is the youngest of our pupils. I happen to see such small children on the street with their mothers or older siblings. Kasahun, on the other hand, went to the street with his friends.

His parents are very young. They don’t have a permanent job. Recently, another child was born to them. Kasahun’s father is looking for money from day to day. Since she doesn’t have any education, experience or skills, we usually undertake heavy physical work, eg on a construction site, unloading something, etc. Kasahun’s mother does not even have the opportunity to work with a baby of about a month.

Therefore, Kasahun, despite his very young age, was on his own. That is why we decided to admit him to the center for a while and help his family find a source of income.

If you want to constantly support the boy, follow his successes, receive up-to-date photos, or even exchange correspondence with him, read about the “Adoption at a distance” campaign. Select the name “Kasahun” when completing the form.